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About Us

What You Need to Know

Vakta Mandir Sydney Trust (VMS) had started its journey as Vakta Mandir Sydney Inc. since 13th October 2010. After one year of its path towards building a Hindu temple in Sydney, it had formed Trust named as Vakta Mandir Sydney Trust on 5th November 2011.

There were five Trustees were elected and 36 families were included as the Trust member.

Following is the list of the Trustees of the Vakta Mandir Sydney Trust:

  1. Ashoke Kundu

  2. Bidhan Chakraborty

  3. Dr. Jayanta Kar

  4. Dr. Subrata Biswas

  5. Suman Saha

VMS has decided to run VM Trust which will be administered by few respectable Trustees but the actual cause will be preserved by all our Trust members.

Vakta Mandir Sydney wholeheartedly is inviting everyone to come and join the Vakta Mandir Sydney Trust. With the help and support of all the community people have given us to the place that we are now. 

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